Courtney and Wittmer Head for the Streets of St. Petersburg for 2010 Season Opener

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – (March 24, 2010) – Jeff Courtney, driver of the No. 99 Kenda Tires/Woodhouse/Dodge Viper has his engine revved and ready to take on the twists and turns of the Streets of St. Petersburg this weekend along with teammate Kuno Wittmer in the No. 13 Woodhouse/Dodge Viper. “After a long off-season, I’m excited to get back behind the wheel,” said Courtney. “I haven’t been at St. Petersburg since my rookie year in ’06, I’m anxious to go back, this time in a Dodge Viper.”040210_team

Wittmer is just as enthusiastic. “After having driven this wild street course back in 2006, I look forward to coming back and tackling every session alongside my new teammate,” said Wittmer. “The Woodhouse Performance Team has put in a lot of hours over the winter season and I couldn’t be more pleased to be working with a great group of people.”

The Streets of St. Petersburg provide racing at its best, with unforgiving corners and straight-aways that run between tall apartment buildings along the waterfront including the long runway of a small airport. The views around this St. Petersburg street course are fabulous.032410_13car

Team Woodhouse has been working overtime to get these cars prepared for the WC opener. “The cars were completely disassembled and every part scrutinized for their integrity to make our machines hug the asphalt and get maximum speed out of the corners,” said Team Owner, Bob Woodhouse. “All of this is pointed at helping to bring Dodge a manufacturers’ championship this year —they deserve one.”

You might not recognize the Woodhouse Performance Vipers this year; they’ve made some visual updates for 2010. Courtney’s No. 99 will be a metallic blue with white racing stripes, Wittmer’s No. 13 is identical, but in red. “There are a lot of new changes for this season. If all goes to plan, the Woodhouse Vipers should be very recognizable after this event,” said Courtney.

Jeff Courtney in the No. 99 Woodhouse Viper”I’d also like to thank and welcome aboard the Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park for their support for this race,” said Courtney. The Hilton Carillon Park welcomes Jeff Courtney/JCR Motorsports during the St. Petersburg Grand Prix the weekend of March 27-28. “Our hotel has been ranked the #1 Hilton in the Americas for the past three years for customer loyalty, satisfaction and product.” The staff welcomes teams and fans alike. Located only fifteen minutes from the track, you can learn more at or by calling 727-540-0050.032410_99cartop

Check out for live moment-by-moment racing action that begins with the green light this Sunday, March 28 at 10:15 am (EDT), the race will also be broadcast on VERSUS and on Apr. 18, Sun 2 pm.

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