COURTNEY AND RANGER SPORTS RACING TEAM UP Courtney and Ellis Co-Drive Barber 200

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (April 15, 2011)—Jeff Courtney is fresh off an intense racing weekend in the Barber 200 where he co-drove the #88 Ranger Sports Racing Porsche 997 with Barry Ellis. The two drivers teamed up for some top-notch racing and keen strategy, but were unfortunately sidelined due to mechanical issues.

“We were doing really well,” said Courtney. “We had a good practice and we were turning in some good times. We knew going into the race that the Porsche would be the underdog, but we put together a great strategy.” The team planned on pushing back the pit stops in order to take full advantage of the anticipated yellows; allowing the team a two pit-stop strategy.040711_pr

“We felt confident in our set-up,” said Ellis. “Jeff did a great job in the first stint, he kept the car clean and competitive.” Both drivers kept the #88 Ranger Sports Racing Porsche 997 in the running, fluctuating between the 12th position and even as high as the 9th position overall before running into an uncharacteristic mechanical problem that prevented them from finishing the race.

“It was unfortunate,” said Ellis. “But the power steering line ruptured and it pulled us out.”

“Barry was making a great charge when the power steering blew,” said Courtney. “It would have been great to see where he could have taken it.”

Both Courtney and Ellis were excited to be working together in the Barber 200. “We’ve always been fellow competitors,” said Ellis. “I had a blast competing with him and can’t wait to do it again sometime. It was great catching up with him about our old Panoz days.”

Another familiar face from the Panoz Racing Series was LisaKay Golde, who is currently the Ranger Sports Racing team manager. “It was great to see Jeff again,” said Golde, who was full of praise for Courtney. “He has great car control; one of the highest levels that I’ve seen in drivers. He has an excellent sense of where he is on the track. He drives hard and keeps his head down. Even in a different type of car than he regularly races, he turned in an excellent performance at Barber. It’s always great working with him.”

“It was awesome to see LisaKay again,” said Courtney. “She is so good at what she does, she really helped make us competitive and put together a great strategy. And, it was just like old times, to have LisaKay telling us what to do all the time,” Courtney joked.

Perhaps we’ve not seen the last of this dynamic duo, at least if Ellis has anything to say about it. “I’d love to pair up with Courtney again; we’ve got some unfinished business to take care of!”

Courtney left from the Barber 200 and almost immediately to participate in the Dodge Motor Sports Athlete Summit in Utah. Some cool and exciting details to follow on this event!

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