Teams and Sponsors Enjoyed Large Turnout of Fans at LB Grand Prix.

LONG BEACH, CA (April 15, 2012) — After limited practice time due to rain, Jeff Courtney and team started the 38th Annual Toyota Grand Prix in 13th position. “I think the lack of preseason testing has us a bit behind as far getting the car and driver where we need to be, but we are gaining ground on it! I was not thrilled with qualifying in 13th but still felt good about the race. The crew did a great job staying on top of everything this weekend,” said Courtney.

Driving the #99 JCR Motorsports/TruSpeed Joint Porsche, Courtney quickly rose to 9th early in the race, when on the back stretch, a yellow flag was thrown as Courtney was passing another car. Race rules state that passing under a yellow flag requires immediately giving the position back or a stop and go penalty will be applied. “Knowing it was questionable whether or not I completed the pass when the flag was thrown, I made the decision to give the position back. Unfortunately, the driver of the Mustang would not take the spot back! I am not sure if he thought it was a double yellow flag or what, but I slowed to almost a full stop frantically waving at him to take the position back. By the time he took the position back, I had lost half a lap to the field.”

Courtney recovered nicely, staying in 9th place and moving to 8th with 4 laps to go. As Courtney was setting up to pass for the position another lapped car pushed wide exiting the hairpin and clipped his right front, breaking the right front wheel and ending the race for Courtney with a DNF and 24th place.

During the post race interview, Courtney shared his thoughts on the day. “Being more of a traditional road course fan, I must admit that Long Beach is my favorite street race! It is a fun track to drive and the event itself was very cool! I had a lot of family and friends at this event so aside from the DNF it was a great weekend!”

TV Broadcast Info: NBC Sports, Sunday, April 29th at 3-4:30PM eastern. Note, time and date subject to change. View live streaming on day of race and continuously on demand after races.

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